About Robin

In a world where fitting in is comfortable and common, Robin Reshard challenges people to conform only their own uniqueness in order to live and share their uniqueness with passion. And she’s very funny.”

Robin Reshard is an engaging interviewer, public speaker and community educator.  As the creative force for Robert Robino Productions, she strives to bring relevant issues to light through educational, entertaining and enlightening media and community projects.  Putting her passion for reading and writing into action, she has authored The Little Book of ‘Fro-isms: A Guide for Your Journey to Finding Your Uniqueness, the upcoming children’s book Marty Goes to the Library, the motivational CDs – Find Your ‘Fro™ and The Fifth Key to Purpose and Passion, and has contributed numerous articles to other books and newspapers.  A former host of a PBS community and public affairs television show, she enlightened the public by asking the insightful and tough questions.

Robin is objectively persuasive, seriously humorous, and authentically diverse, comfortably connecting with diverse crowds at all corporate and community levels.  Her audiences feel that she is interested and interesting and appreciates her passion and expertise.  Whether its leadership, collaboration, strategy, coalition-building, or myriad communtiy issues (economic development, parity, diversity), Robin ensures the subject matter is well thought out, inclusive and open. She gleams research from a wide spectrum with a sole focus: connecting people with people,  ideas and informations.

Her over thirty years of professional and community work have provided effective change and challenge in the boardroom, classroom, and community.  She holds a Master of Science degree in Community Economic Development from Southern New Hampshire University and has received many service, teaching, and volunteer awards. Robin and her husband, Lloyd, have three beautiful, smart adult children.

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